Meet the Blog Authors


Franz Maruna

Since the 1980's Franz has been involved with digital communication, multimedia, information architecture, and building stuff.

Franz has been involved in every angle of web development; from hourly production work to managing multi-million dollar projects. He's worked for brands including Intel, Nike, Microsoft, and the AdCouncil. His work was nominated for a People's Choice Webby award in 2005.

He's passionate about using technology to bring people closer together.

Andrew Embler

Andrew has built hundreds upon hundreds of websites using a wide range of technologies since he started working in the late 90's. He has become adept at PHP, MySQL, and a collection of modern frameworks. Today his work on concrete5 speaks for itself. 

While Andrew knows what it takes to launch websites on time and under budget, he prefers writing, coordinating and shipping software applications that grow over time. Andrew is happy when he has achieved that perfect balance of what a web developer wants and what a client needs. 

Evan Cooper

Evan knows how websites and web projects work. He cut his teeth as a production programmer, bedazzling clients with complex HTML5 parallax based fancy pants HTML chops. He's done his share of PHP working with different content management systems. 

Today Evan uses that background in "how it works" to make sure "things get done." With a focus on process automation, Evan is passionately driving projects forward at PortlandLabs.

Korvin Szanto

This guy is very good with computers. He once built an app that tracked US, EU, and Russian satellites in real time showing their position around a 3D globe. It took him two weeks. 

Korvin is passionate about open source. He's leading local PHP meetups in Portland, as well as being active in the PHP Framework Interoperability Group. 

Korvin's also deeply curious about security, developer operations, and the process that goes into complex systems behaving properly.